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A Gathering of Unfortunate Fans

A Gathering of Unfortunate Fans
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A community for fanworks of A Series of Unfortunate Events, by the melancholy Mr. Snicket.

Fanworks of all types and sizes welcome.

(Brand new and in progress)

1. Please keep large images, long stories, and any material not appropriate for children behind a lj-cut. Instructions for how to make a cut are here.

2. Adult material, as per new LiveJournal regulations, must be friendslocked to this community.

3. Be polite when dealing with the other unfortunate souls in this community. This is not a forum to air personal grievances, a sactuary for bullies, or a place to start flame wars.

Fires will be extinguished by your friendly neighborhood volunteer moderator.

4. Do not create off-topic posts. If it does not in some direct way relate to A Series of Unfortunate Events, then it does not belong here, and will be removed. Questions and discussion relating to the books are fine, even if not directly related to fan fiction or art.